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3 Day Remote Work Roll-out Plan

18 Mar 2020,
Posted by Emily Morgan

Day 1

GOAL: Pow-wow w/the team around next steps - schedule a video conference call to discuss structure and technology, expectations


  • Have a clear head, be the calm you want to see in your team today!
  • Ensure everyone on your team has working internet at home
  • Ensure that you have a contact list- everyone’s cell phone and emergency contact names and numbers
  • If you don’t have an IM account, set up a Slack account for the company; invite users
    • Set up 3 channels: Announcements, Water Cooler, Daily Work Comm
      • You can setup smaller topical or teamed channels as you go, but at least start with these 3
      • Note the free version of Slack does not save messages after 2 weeks or so, so be cognizant of that and let the team know they can “star” items to save 
  • If you don’t have video conference capability, setup a free Zoom account. You will need a paid Zoom account for meetings with more than 2 people and over 40 minutes
  • Create 1 Zoom meeting room that your employees will use for company wide meetings, share this link and make sure everyone can access it when you test
    • Have your team set up their own free Zoom accounts
  • Get everyone to download Zoom & Slack to their laptops (and phones if desired), test to make sure they can get in and see / respond to messages
  • Make sure everyone can access /view calendar, email, documents remotely using Google or Office 360
  • Address any security concerns that could modify how you’re working


  • Agree as a team when you will meet next and how you will communicate between now and that next meeting.  
  • Set the expectation that all team meetings will happen on Zoom and everyone must show up on video every single time.
  • Set expectations around how you will all check in and at what frequency.  What hours are they expected to work/ be available? What does available mean? How will you share your availability? Focus on getting through the week, it doesn’t need to be perfect!
    • Suggestions: 
      • Daily morning huddle to sync in on priorities for the day, general check in 
      • Weekly team huddle to discuss company updates
      • Have the team check in over Slack across the day if issues come up and use Zoom for longer conversations
  • Rollout/ discuss a basic remote work protocol
    • Address your position around kids at home. Aim to be as flexible as possible, have transparent conversations around this as everyone will be dealing with it.
    • How should they dress for work?  They will be on video, so it’s important to address expectations.

Day 2:

GOAL: Let ‘er rip!  Begin using this new tech to communicate with your team

  • Have a clear head, be the calm you want to see in your team today!
  • Run your first remote team meeting first thing in the morning on Zoom
    • Make sure everyone shows up on video
    • Use your first meeting to create an agenda for these meetings going forward.  Sample:
      • Positive Focus (everyone share something great and positive either personal or professional)
      • Review metrics
      • Review headlines- company and employee
      • Discuss what’s working/ not working and establish to do’s to resolve
      • Look ahead at the week, which meetings can be cancelled/which can be moved to video, discuss how you will roll this tech out to clients
      • Recap to do’s
      • Wrap up, make sure everyone knows you will meet again  X place, X time, X date (try to do these daily at first)
  • Begin communicating via Slack, as the Leader, go first and share something fun and encouraging.

Day 3: 

Goal: Have a clear head, be the calm you want to see in your team today!

  • Run your daily huddle meeting, check in with the team what's working/ not working and establish to do's to resolve
  • Add new Slack channels for fun - examples: Health & Wellness, Share the Love, Foodies, Book Club




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