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AI Relevancy to Small Business

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AI Relevancy to Small Business

We chatted live with our own EOS Implementer® and the co-founder of Lucy AI; the amazing Marc Dispensa. We discussed AI relevancy to small businesses. 

Learn more about Marc here:

Marc DispensaMarc likes to say that he is a lifelong entrepreneur. He began his first company at the age of 21 and helped build it to $4 million in revenue before selling to a publicly traded company. Marc’s three year journey as CTO with this company taught him a lot about what not to do as a business leader and there he began to see what his passion was. Marc learned that he is a small company guy who loves to start businesses.

Marc’s first introduction to EOS® came when he joined a previous competitor, who was a year into their next entrepreneurial journey. They began implementing EOS practices into how they ran the business. What started as a $4 million company grew to a $50 million company in four years. Since then Marc has become a Professional EOS Implementer™ with the goal of helping other entrepreneurs realize their own vision for their companies.


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