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Ask | Twelve, April 2014

4 Apr 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

in Ask, Twelve

Is your business ready to grow? Best practices for working with an Assistant

Many business owners start out with the expectation they can run their business single-handedly or close to it. Very quickly, they realize success doesn’t come without the help of many. Maybe you’ve reached this point in your own business and are finally ready to start delegating some of the many hats you wear. It’s a great step, but if you aren’t able to communicate your needs effectively, things can get lost in translation. Here are three areas you should address as your business grows.


Be prepared: The boy scout motto rings true even in this scenario. Before you can start delegating the things that run your business, you must first decide how those things should be done. Establishing a process for even the smallest tasks will serve you well as you try to delegate those responsibilities to an assistant or team member. Document step-by-step instructions so that any team member can step in and take the reins and you won’t be limited to the services of one particular individual. Getting your processes in order will prevent discrepancies in the delegated work and guarantee you will be pleased with the results.


Get organized: While this business may be your baby, don’t expect others to care for it in quite the same way. As you grow and add people to your team, there will be an added aspect of management you will have to address. Anticipating these changes will put you ahead of the game. Give new team members an operations or training manual so they can familiarize themselves with the way you do things. You will also be able to reference this manual if an issue ever arises that requires you to take action.


Start streamlining: Working smarter not harder takes on a whole new meaning with the technology that’s now available. Utilize a project management program where you can keep project details together and also communicate with associated team members. You can also use it to keep clients updated on progress, track project expenses and a host of other features, depending on which program you choose.


Congratulations on reaching the next level of your business! Growing pains are normal, but if you take the time to build a great foundation now, it will mean smooth(er) sailing for the future.

- Contributed by Emily Ginn from the Delegate Team





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