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Ask | Twelve, March 2014

7 Mar 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

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Starting a discussion? Start here with Google Groups

googlegroups_logoMost of us are maintaining some type of email list these days whether it’s for emailing the parents of your child’s sports team, different groups within your company, or your company as a whole. Google Groups is a great way to manage an email list and create a community around a specific topic. The website is simple, and easy to use. Add that to the fact that it is easy to install and simple for all users to utilize from different devices, and you have a new tool in your toolbox! The website is well organized and it is straightforward to use and maintain. It can also manage anti spam.

The best thing about using Google Groups to communicate with a group of people in my opinion is that it allows you control of all your data in a central location. Posting messages, administering content and managing users in the simple web interface makes this an effortless way to create groups, as well as join more than one community without having to add all your login information for each new forum. Use Google Groups to support and increase discussions within a community. You will find the messages you send out and the replies are easy to follow and well laid out. The next time you need to send an announcement or message out to a few people or as many as thousands of people, give Google Groups a try.

- Contributed by Susan Gibbons from the Delegate Team




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