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Blue Equals Green in 2013!

Photo credit: "Background" by Arztsamui Photo credit: "Background" by Arztsamui

Knowledge is power

The Pantone Color Institute selected Monaco Blue as the forecasted color for Spring/Summer 2013! This means we will be seeing blue dominating fashion collections and influencing other industries as well.

Put this to use in your biz: The Journal of Business Research says that blue connotes trust, strength, security and dependability. It’s focused, professional, calming and clean- think Amex, Pfizer, Facebook, HP, Ford. It’s also been found to increase customer loyalty as well. Try using it as an accent to your existing marketing palette. Check out this great color scheme tool to find complementary and accent colors: The Hex code for Monaco Blue is: 104476.

Looking for more commitment? Try Emerald- Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year! Hex code for Emerald: 01A58D



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