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Celebrating Your Independence!

According to Entrepreneur magazine, their readers overwhelmingly cited “independence” as a main motivation for pursuing entrepreneurship. Not surprising considering autonomy is one of our fundamental human needs! To celebrate Independence day this year, take a moment to remember why you pursued entrepreneurship and working for yourself in the first place!

Photo credit: “4th Of July”, by nuttakit Photo credit: “4th Of July”, by nuttakit

We polled some ‘treps in our community and came up with this fun list of reasons to celebrate our independence!

•I can wear PJs to work and meetings

•I can’t get fired

•I can try crazy ideas

•I can buy a new company car

•If I’m talking to myself, I can just claim it’s a board meeting

•I can bake cupcakes in the middle of the day

•I get to approve everything

•I can shift my schedule to fit my day

•I get to pick the people I want to work with

•I know I’ve created something from nothing

•I have freedom from working for someone else

Do these resonate with you? Don’t forget to take some time to celebrate all the reasons you LOVE being an entrepreneur and celebrate the freedom you’ve already won to run your life and biz on your own terms!




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