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Delegation for Entrepreneurs: Summer Blog Series

ds_blog-header_summer_v3_052512Welcome Summer and Welcome New Readers!! We are excited to kick-off the start of summer with a blog series designed to help entrepreneurs master delegation so they can take their business to the next level! Our series is a non-fluff action guide for entreps who understand the tangible value that effective delegation can bring to their personal and business life!

My company - "Delegate," aptly named for this concept helps clients who understand this one crucial principle: As an entrepreneur, your time is money. Time spent managing the daily behind the scenes tasks that come with being a business owner is time not spent on the revenue generating activities or time spent recharging. As Gerber so brilliantly teaches in the "E-Myth," successful entrepreneurs need to spend the majority of their time working ON their business and not IN their business- and that is not possible without effective delegation.

As the owner of two businesses, this is not a novel concept to me- it is one that I decide to commit to daily. I can personally relate to each stage of the delegation process and the pain points that can hold us back from breakthroughs in our businesses. With that in mind, my goal is to share our expertise- 5000 plus hours of delegation support for entreps combined with the latest research and strategies that we know can help you get past your own delegation hurdles each day. Each post in this series will also contain worksheets, resources and tools you can use daily as well as surprise guest bloggers with valuable info to share! Use the comments section of the blog to send your questions and thoughts as you work through the series. Here's a sampling of what we will cover this summer:

First up-- Stages of effective delegation:

  • Identifying where to start and what can be delegated
  • Busting through the roadblocks and fears- why this is so tricky for entrepreneurs

Doing it all.., what's it really costing you?

  • Being busy vs productive
  • How to best prepare to work with a firm like ours

Say what? Now I'm a leader?!

  • How to effectively manage delegated tasks
  • Perspective and goal setting with your team

... Plus bonus interviews with delegation ninjas who will share their unique perspectives!!

Grab your notebook and sunblock and let's get started on our delegation adventure! We have a FREE kick-start guide to get your juices flowing around delegation for entrepreneurs. Download Here




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