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Reinventing Your Company in a Crisis

DS Expert Chat: Reinventing Your Company in a Crisis

Our friend Hal Levenson, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at Trilogy Partners, LLC  joined us live on Facebook for a 10-minute expert chat to discuss reinventing your company in a crisis.


Hal LevensonHal Levenson is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Trilogy Partners, a business advisory firm headquartered in Yardley, PA centered on helping small to medium-size businesses scale, transform, and transition by looking at three critical areas: Financial, Strategy, and People

Hal started his career in public accounting at Ernst & Young and founded his own firm in 1987. As a CPA, Hal saw the frustration of CEOs trying to align business objectives with personal goals. He noticed that so many businesses seemed stuck. Hal founded Trilogy Partners in 2009 to provide these businesses and their CEOs with the direction, planning, and financial advice that they need to implement their vision. 


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