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Goal Planning in the Time of Corona



Happy Friday and welcome to the end of a tumultuous week!  A friend of mine texted the other day asking me what tools I'm using to organize myself and my time and how am I thinking about goals lately.  I had to laugh at the question.  Being a mom and a business owner, life feels anything but intentional or organized since March.  Like everyone else, goals that I had set for myself back in January, by March became irrelevant and impossible to accomplish in the blink of an eye. 

A few of my personal goals written in my shiny new planner in January were: Go to South Africa and take an Alaskan cruise, Go to the gym 3x per week and Take off every day when my son doesn't have school.  Little did I know that I would add the undeserved title of "home school director" to my list of titles three months later!  :)

Disruptions and surprises aside, I do think it is possible to re-think our level of organization and goal planning into "manifestable" ideas even today, both personally and professionally.  This is how I'm thinking about it:

1.  Start with a Gratitude Focus.  Always, always start with a positive focus to get your head into a space of positive energy.  Think about: What am I grateful for?  What is going well in my life?  What have I gained that I  never would have been able to realize or even imagine if life hadn't changed as it has?  Celebrate and acknowledge those things and write them down to start.

2.  Focus on 90 day sprints.  It's important to have a plan you can visualize for the future, but also allow for flexibility within those plans.  I recommend that during these times in particular, we focus on what's right in front of us that we want to improve or accomplish in the next 90 days.  This short-sighted visibility is our best bet to make progress right now.  Maybe it has to do with you or your family's health, a business concept or something at home that needs to be resolved to increase peace and harmony.  Keep the lens focused on a shorter version of where you are trying to go over the next three months and continue to track wins alongside that.  

As a bonus tip: try to break down larger challenges and ideas into smaller, more manageable chunks and build that into your 90 day vision.  The goal is to have a painted picture of where we are trying to go when we look to our horizon, but our focus is on putting one foot in front of the other in the next 90 days to get there. 

3.  Be realistic.  Lead with grace for yourself and acknowledge that we are living in the most uncertain times in history.  For those of us who are used to being able to control our outcomes more directly, this is really hard!  We want to finish out the year strong, but recognizing that strong may mean something we had absolutely no awareness of less than a year ago.

And as for tools, my favorite tools to plan are: Desire MappingEOS VTOStrategic Coach's Bigger Future and some pen and paper via my Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner.   


Wishing you a hopeful and productive month ahead!



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