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The Myth of Inadequacy

Screenshot 2017-07-13 11.10.33Welcome to our newly beautified format! Special thanks to my assistant Georgia, for helping us give our 12 series a facelift that looks great on desktop or phone! Hooray for improvements that I don't have to manage! :)

I don't know about you, but alot of my time is spent talking with other entrepreneurs about business, life and the fine line that barely exists between the two. Whether it's clients, colleagues, friends, or those interested in our service, I spend the majority of my time each week listening to entreps explain their problems. There's one key theme that I notice time and time again, and that is consistent feelings of inadequacy.
Think about it. The amount of pressure that we have on our shoulders is immense. We are leaders and our teams are relying on us to support them professionally & financially. Our clients are counting on us to create more and deliver on promises. Our families are relying on us to be available to them while also contributing to the finances. The pressure is endless and it's easy to cast an envious eye at other entreps and think they have it all together. I think we could all use a fresh dose of perspective. As a leader, it's so easy to get caught up in the coulda/shoulda/wouldas, the failures, the endless challenges, the let-downs, the ends of things; that it becomes hard to focus on the continual progress and change that we are making. However, our confidence in our own progress and abilities is so critical to what we do, that we must continually find ways to protect it.

Managing our perspective is the key here. I promise you, after talking with literally thousands of entrepreneurs: Everyone is fighting battles in their business every day. They build stuff that doesn't work, the product or service they sell isn't being done well in their own business, their teams quit or screw up, their cash flow is low, their overhead is high, their marketing strategies fail. You are not "doing it wrong." You are an entrepreneur, and that job description is basically: Create, Evolve, Repeat. This is the life we chose, because it affords us the opportunity to be great, to create change, to make things better, to provide work that people value; this IS the job and the call for entrepreneurs. Protect your confidence fiercely. Don't assume that everyone else has it all together and things work perfectly. They don't and it's ok that you don't. Inadequacy is simply a myth that is fed faster in entrepreneurs because we are taking the greatest risks for the greatest rewards.

                                                                                       Have an awesome month, keep your chin up!







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