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Hello | Twelve, April

6 Apr 2015,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

Actually, you can!

I remember awhile back, speaking with a friend of mine who has been very happy and successful in the corporate world. He asked me- "If you could do any job, what would it be?" I immediately answered- "I'm doing it!" He laughed and said, "No, like a job at a company—what would you love to be doing for a company?” I had to smile, knowing that the only company I'd ever choose to work for would be my own!

Time after time, I joke with my colleagues who are also business owners, about why we do this. With all the challenges facing us- employees, pressure, numbers, clients, sales, headaches, vision… why do we choose to be entrepreneurs when it’s so much easier to “go to work” and be directed as an employee? To me, it’s simple: we’re inspired. We’ve literally seen success built from nothing. We’ve weathered the challenges presented to us and that tenacity- while painful, when put to good use, has only served to shore up the foundation of our business.

To me, where it all falls apart is when we lose sight of our vision, our inspiration. You can hire, fire, shift and shimmy all you want, but when you doubt yourself you’re done. At Delegate, we believe in the beauty of your dreams and want to help you execute on them. Throughout Q2 this year, as a gift of encouragement, we are going to feature the amazing stories of entrepreneurs who have taken their ideas and brought them to life. They will share their challenges, successes, secrets and war stories. We hope that these will inspire you to press on and bring your dreams to life! Stay tuned for these in the coming weeks.

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