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Hello | Twelve, February

11 Feb 2015,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

The One Thing Your Team Needs

Love! Yes, your team needs love, but there’s something else they need just as much as love: structure.

Chaos is the easiest way to kill morale within your organization. Your team wants to show up, rock their job and have a clear understanding around how to work within the parameters of your company. Providing them with an organized framework and process is the key to a totally gelled, well-oiled team. Not addressing this is costing you time, energy and money wasted on inefficiencies.

Our favorite way to keep our team organized: Asana! With this FREE platform, it's simple to manage tasks and projects across teams. Apart from it's intelligent design, it can also help cut your internal email by nearly 80%! With your team communicating on tasks within Asana and NOT email, you can increase clarity, accountability and establish priorities across your organization.

The key is really in the setup and we can help with that! Don’t put off bringing organization to your team because you’re afraid to deal with or expose your messes. There’s not much we haven’t seen- even within our own team. We know the questions to ask to bring structure to the work that you love! This month we are offering FREE Asana Design Consults; let's connect and figure out a solution for you! Have a great month!




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