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The Year of Hyperfocus

Screenshot 2017-07-13 11.10.33.pngHappy Friday and welcome to 2018!  What a fun year we have in front of us!  As entrepreneurs, we are inherently excited by all of the opportunities, ideas and projects that surround us almost by nature.  Because of our open minds, it's as if the universe dangles these sparkly goodies in front of us, knowing that we possess the required chutzpah to make it happen!  The hard part is, all of that distraction diffuses our energy and focus.

The great Tony Robbins says, "Where focus goes, energy flows."  In our work with entrepreneurs, and in my own personal experience, the constant re-distribution of our energy slows us down.  The ceiling of complexity comes in over time for the new ideas, and we become distracted with a new set of problems to solve alongside the problems we have already committed to solve.


Here is my challenge to myself and to you this year: make this the year of hyper-focus.  Pick one key area to focus on and put everything you have into that area.  Build everything to support that one thing and perfect it.  Don't take this choice lightly!  It has to excite you, motivate you, and be saleable.  A friend of mine, who is a marketing genius helped me to frame my thinking like this: 1: What problem are you trying to solve?  2: Who do you want to be a hero to?  3: How big does the check need to be?  


In our case, it's about hyper-focusing on our core service: Strategic Support.™   We have a passion for supporting entrepreneurs that are missing opportunities because they don't have a solid back office in place.  Therefore, this year, all of our efforts across the company are going to focus on selling this solution to this audience.  Tell your friends.. LOL!  :)  This means all of our marketing dollars are directed to reach this group, all of our operational efforts are focused on perfecting this service, and all of our hiring efforts are designed to find, hire and train the best team to deliver the solution to our ideal client.  The simplicity and freedom of this decision feels great to us and invigorating.  May you find the same hyper-focus in your business this year!


Wishing you less force, more flow this month!



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