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The Secret Silver Bullet for Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to June and the start of summer!  I turned 40 yesterday, and in our last issue of 12Lite, I shared some of my favorite life insights from the last 40 years.  At the top of my list is that it takes years to become an overnight success.  Anyone successful would tell you this, and they would also tell you that it doesn't happen by accident.  It's about intention and just figuring out the next best step that you can take to get there.

I notice a common theme in the entrepreneurs who come to us looking for a silver bullet solution.  Because we are working with people filled with vision, stamina and passion, there is never a lack of excitement to try something new in their business.  The difference between those who find success and those who don't?  Their own level of commitment to seeing it through; they are the secret silver bullet.  For all the vision and ideas they bring to the table, without commitment, it's just energized chaos.  What do I mean by commitment?  I mean that as leaders, we are as committed to the consistent execution of the boring stuff that keeps the  business running well, as we are to the fun part of ideation.  Not that we need to be the ones to do the boring stuff, but that we see the value and importance of it in our business.  

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The high Quickstart personality of entrepreneurs is the fuel in the tank that drives success.  That's why entreps are so special!  But the lack of focus and commitment to idea execution is what causes the starts and stops, and what eventually puts us in the position of becoming the "bottleneck" our business.  To help, I've spent the last few months working with my team on a new self-assessment that we are calling our "Bottleneck Diagnostic."  We've identified the five types of bottlenecks, explained their backstory and why they occur, and then share solutions you can deploy to help clear them from your business.  Look for that to launch next week in our Summer Survival Kit! 


Wishing you an amazing summer filled with rest, relaxation and happiness!



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