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Delight the Customer

CapitolHappy Friday!  I'm finally back in the office after back to back travel and a nasty virus in between!  I had the amazing opportunity a few weeks back to attend the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alumni Summit down in DC.  It was jam-packed with entrepreneurial superstars like Richard Branson, Tyler Perry and Warren Buffet alongside legislators like Bloomberg, Rubio and Scott. 

The common theme that I heard across all of the entrepreneurs who presented was the same: Delight the customer Our call as entrepreneurs is to create products, services and experiences that our customers actually want and enjoy.  Not what we think they want, or what we want.. but what do they want?  For Branson, it was about creating a different flight experience with Virgin Air.  For Sarah Blakely it was about making sure the body wear she was creating was aligned with what women would really want to wear. This is what keeps us relevant in the marketplace and what keeps clients and customers coming back.

A great way to keep a pulse on your customer need is by using one of my favorite Strategic Coach tools: DOS.  When we use DOS to evaluate our ideal customer, we look at their dangers, opportunities and stregths and can craft products, services and experiences that support that specific DOS.  I like to refresh DOS consistently to check ourselves.

From there it's about buliding in the experience that supports that unique DOS into something that is memorable and that they value.

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