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Hello | Twelve, March

9 Mar 2015,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

Spring Clean Your Company

According to the calendar it’s nearly Spring, but here in NJ as I write this, we just got clobbered with more snow and ice! So let’s just go with it and banish winter by talking about the inherent magic of spring. Many of us have our spring cleaning lists for our homes, but this month I challenge you to do the same for your company. This beautiful season is all about re-birth, newness and nurturing all that is precious to you. Let’s throw open the windows of our businesses and let some bright, fresh air in! And for the record, this is one critical job I suggest you *not* delegate. This task needs your eyes and your attention.

Here is what’s on my “scrub” list: (1) Goals- set my Q2 goals and review what we conquered in Q1. (2) Marketing- Review our analytics and conversion rates for all of our efforts to see what has been most successful then re-tool. (3) Organizational- Perform a quick audit of the key areas of my business. How satisfied am I with the outcomes my company is producing? Do I have the right people in the right jobs; how satisfied are they? Remember, happy team = happy dream! (4) Personal- Where am I personally at with my business? Am I getting steam rolled by the daily grind and letting my business run me? Or am I the captain of the ship and using my business as a tool to accomplish my personal goals? Wishing you a beautifully productive Spring season! Have a great month!




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