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10 May 2017,
Posted by Emily Morgan

in Hello

An Evergreen Business

TGIF! Sending you a rainy hello today from Philly. The last month has been one of the most exciting and stressful of my life. My son and I bought a home and have been moving both my office and all of our personal things in over the last week. Shout out to my parents and my friends for all of their help (and heavy lifting!). It’s been both exhilarating and disruptive at the same time. More importantly, the process has reminded me of the power of change and how we must be ever open to it to move to bigger and better things.

As entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA to value the opportunity over the risk. However, for us to really bring our vision to life, we have to be surrounded by others who share this value and can help execute in this way. In most cases, our teams are much more comfortable with consistency and stability.

A big part of running an entrepreneurial company is continually fostering a culture of change that can offer structure alongside innovation. Part of our process for success with this at Delegate has been hiring people that are comfortable operating with ambiguity. We also continually message that this is an entrepreneurial company, and is always ever-changing and evolving.   We try to couple that with clear communication, a relentless commitment to structure and appreciation that everyone on the team is always driving to do their best work. This combination of mindsets is what keeps our businesses evergreen (and keep us and our staff happy!).

Have a great month!




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