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The Power of Process

Screenshot 2017-07-13 11.10.33.pngEarlier this week, I was meeting with one of our clients about what makes companies unique. Is it that we hire better staff?   Is it that we have so much more clarity around what we do? What we ultimately agreed on, is that what makes us unique and makes our work with clients so successful is our process.

As a service business that supports entrepreneurs, Delegate goes head to head with firms much larger than us with massive marketing budgets, herds of staff and venture capitalists backing them.   Yet year over year now for ten years, we grow significantly, and with purpose. We help hundreds of entrepreneurs and their teams run and scale more efficiently. What makes us win the business is our process, our perspective and our proven way of delivering the service.

Picture this: you are meeting with two financial planners. One says, “Yes, I can help you! I’d love to work with you.” She’s very clear that she can help you, but lays out no clear roadmap (her process) as to how. The other one says, “Yes, I can help you! I think you’re a great fit for our “Money Maker” program. In this program, we follow a very specific process where we create custom a budget, analyze which retirement funds make the most sense for you and develop a savings strategy. Our clients have found that following this formula allows them to save 10% as much as they did without a plan, and gain increasingly more peace of mind with money than when they first met us.” Provider one, likely performs the exact same type of work, but she doesn’t articulate that or frame it as a thoughtful, unique process that helps you visualize HOW you will get there, and how others have gotten there before you.

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Some of this is optics marketing. But what turns that initial sale into a lifelong client, is that our process the differentiator between us and the other options. If it’s strong enough and direct enough it will attract the right client as much as it will repel the wrong one.

If you don’t have strong processes for your business, let’s change that! We can help you extract them, document them and make them scalable so that others better understand HOW your company can help them. We’d love to help you

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