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How to use Evernote in your business

One of our favorite tools, now exclusively for business: Evernote Business – your company, only smarter. This amazing online tool comes available to you from at only $10.00/user/month. With this you are able to centralize your company’s knowledge. From your company’s home, browse and join every notebook shared with your company and view the profiles of co-workers, including their shared content and recent activity. Hate creating presentations? Present your ideas in one click – rather than putting all your hard found research into a presentation, use the presentation mode to easily show your notes in a full screen layout. On the move? You are able to gain quick access anywhere on any device – even offline.

Other awesome tidbits - build your knowledge together, discover what your team knows, and search across your company for knowledge and expertise – all right at the end of your fingertips. Other great uses include project coordination, companywide communication, content curation, smarter research, business management and remote teams access, Salesforce, and a paperless office. Also you can centralize key company information and content, manage transactions and connect with your customers, design, develop and share your best work, then streamline your marketing and outreach efforts.

Don’t forget about all the awesome add-ons including those built by Evernote. Two of our faves are "Hello" and "Skitch." "Hello" allows you to snap a photo of a business card, tag it with the meeting location and create a searchable database of contacts- and you can connect it to LI and FB to further expand the connection. "Skitch" is a visual-thinker’s dream! Take a pic, grab a screenshot of a website or other image and notate your ideas right on the image! Save and share within Evernote or socially.

At you can access online demos, both upcoming and past. You can also view recordings for past events, and be up to date on upcoming events as well.




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