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Is Your Website Really Driving Sales?

Photo credit: "Dollar Symbols Coming From Screen", by Stuart Miles Photo credit: "Dollar Symbols Coming From Screen", by Stuart Miles

One of the strongest ways you can make an impact with your website is to design for conversion. Conversion basically means that the visitor is taking an extra step in their web experience by contacting you. Taking website visitors on as new customers or clients is the end goal of your website, and conversion optimization will help you do just that. Such optimization can range from the simplification of design, to the use of whitespace, to incorporating actionable design assets and elements. Consider the questions below when evaluating your own website:

• Of those searching your product/service online (on Google, Bing, etc), how many are visiting your website?
•Of those visiting your website from search, how many are contacting you for information or buying?
•Out of every 100 people that visit your site, how many do what you want them to do (buy, fill out a form, sign up for a newsletter).
-Contributed by Ben LeDonni; Founder of Creative MMS, a web design and development firm based right here in Philly! Contact Ben @




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