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Know | Twelve, April 2014

9 Apr 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

in Know, Twelve

Getty Makes Millions of Photos Free For Online Use (Whoo-hoo!)

Online photo archive Getty Images is opening 35 million images to online publishers to use free of charge, acknowledging that many of its pictures are already being copied anyway. The company will allow “noncommercial” users such as bloggers and tweeters to embed its images using a code similar to what’s on sites such as YouTube. The image that appears will include a Getty photo credit and will be linked to the company’s website, where viewers can have the opportunity to license the photo. Commercial users have more rights to the images with the ability to use the images on multiple platforms, edit them and keep them on their own servers.


Facebook Revamps Business Pages: 3 Changes

Facebook is rolling out redesigned business pages. The changes, which apply to Facebook’s desktop version, make it easier for users to find information and help page admins find the tools they use most. Here are the changes: (1) Facebook will finally ditch the two-column timeline design in favor of the one-column feed that all user profiles already have. (2) Admins will have direct access to admin tools, all within the margins of the main view of your page. (3) The newest feature in the redesigned pages is called Pages to Watch, which lets admins create a list of competitors and monitor how they compared to their own page’s performance.


Google Shares A Few Tips to Better Navigate Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular tools to help you get from point A to point B. Here’s some recently released tips to get you to your destination. (1) To save a couple of clicks for voice-guided navigation, after you’ve entered your destination or tapped a point on the map, press and hold the transportation icon on the bottom right of the screen, and Google Maps should start spouting off directions right away. (2) To zoom in and out of a map, with only one free hand, double-tap the screen, and on the second tap, don’t let go. Drag your finger up to zoom out, or down to zoom in. (3) With the Google Map Maker feature you can edit maps to make any corrections or add new businesses to further improve the accuracy and usefulness of Google Maps. All changes must be reviewed and approved by Google.




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