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Know | Twelve, December 2014

2 Dec 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

facebook-is-creating-an-office-friendly-version-facebook-at-work-300x196Facebook Will Update Its Terms of Service in 2015. Facebook will update its terms of service on Jan. 1, 2015. Many of the changes involve taking sections out of the main Terms Of Service document and linking to them on an external page. These include, but are not limited to: (1) A tweak to the language on Payments, so if you make a payment on Facebook, you agree to Facebook’s Payments Terms unless it is stated that other terms apply, (2) Special Provisions Applicable to Advertisers is now condensed, and (3) the process for making future TOS changes has itself been amended, saying Facebook will notify users before they make changes to these terms and give users the opportunity to review and comment on the revised terms before continuing to use our Services. Also, Facebook is updating its cookies policy to explain how it gets location information on users and debuting a "Privacy Basics" guide for users


Twitter Unveils New Ecommerce Feature. Twitter has rolled out Twitter Offers, as a way to explore and test how advertisers connect with consumers on Twitter and convert them to loyal customers in their stores, on their websites and in their apps. U.S. users who see a Twitter Offer pop up in their feed can add it to their credit or debit cards and redeem the offer by using their cards in the retailer's online stores or brick-and-mOffers_Screenshotortar locations, without any additional coupons. Twitter's aim is to create a low barrier of entry for retailers to participate (no extra software or add-ons to their existing payment processes) and for advertisers to use the offers to measure the effectiveness of the promotions. The deal option is available to marketers that purchase a Promoted Tweet. As far as privacy concerns go, Twitter says that once a credit or debit card is used to obtain an offer, the card is encrypted and users can remove the stored info from their account whenever they like


Possible Change in Health Care Law. People who bought Affordable Care Act health plans for 2014 but who don’t go back to shop again for 2015 will automatically be renewed in the plan they first chose, even if its price goes way up. The federal government is proposing that when people sign up, they should get a choice of defaults for future years: to stay in the same plan, healthcareor switch to a cheaper one in the same category if theirs gets too pricey. The proposed regulation suggests phasing in the additional choice, first giving states with their own exchanges the option of offering it. If the proposal becomes final, everyone who buys a plan through the federal system will be subject to such a policy of having a choice of defaults.





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