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Know | Twelve, February 2015

5 Feb 2015,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

Google Aims To Switch Between Carriers With New Wireless Service Google’s upcoming wireless service is looking to put an end to subscribers’ reliance on a single carrier, instead giving them the ability to pick the best signal google-logo-transparent-69328.jpgfrom a variety of sources. The service will feature new technology that will hunt through cellular connections provided by Sprint Corp, T-Mobile, and Wi-Fi hotspots, picking whichever offers the best signal to route calls, texts, and data. The offering could be rolled out in the first half of this year and will likely be available nationwide, although previously scheduled launches have been delayed. The effort faces substantial challenges such as the potential for the service to not catch on with subscribers.

Branson: Virgin, Qualcomm aim to spread broadband to billions
Richard Branson and Virgin Group have partnered with Qualcomm to bring Internet access to countries without it. "We plan to put an initial array ofvirgin 648 satellites up, and if that's successful, we want to go to 2,400 satellites," Branson says. "The idea is to reach the billions of people who don't have Internet access and to do so with reception and good prices." The biggest beneficiary of this will be third world countries where there is very limited education. The project will also benefit the U.S., supplying Internet to many places in America where people can't get Internet access. The initial investment for the first batch of satellites will cost around $2 billion.

5 Ways Small Firms Can Cut Healthcare Costs
As many small-business owners have found, reducing their spending on healthcare, or even keeping it relatively flat, takes some clever maneuvering. Healthcare-Reform-Act.jpg t=20110610131844The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently found that only 57 percent of workers at firms with 100 employees or less have access to employer-sponsored healthcare. Despite this uphill battle, some businesses have found creative ways to keep costs in check. Here are five options for small firms to consider: (1) negotiate harder, (2) try the Small Business Health Options (SHOP) exchange, (3) convert to individual plans, (4) explore direct primary care, and (5) investigate healthcare–sharing ministries.




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