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Know | Twelve, July 2015

2 Jul 2015,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

Microsoft To De-clutter Inboxes and Bring New Office Apps to Android. The Microsoft Office team will soon turn on a new feature for email called "Clutter." Similar to Google's Priority Inbox, Clutter tries to figure out which emails you really need and sweep the rest out of view. It was introduced last fall as an option, but Microsoft will now turn it on by default. Enterprises will be offered a bunch of controls over the features and individuals will be told when Clutter is sifting through your email. Users will also have the option to turn it off. Since its introduction in the fall, Clutter has moved over one million emails per day and saves users 82 minutes per month on average. This feature is only available for Office 365. It is expected that Microsoft will turn on more new features by default, adding features to Office 365 that are not available in the classic version. Additionally, Microsoft unveiled new preview versions of its Office apps for Android smartphones. In January, the team delivered an updated version of Office apps for Android tablets. These new apps make Office work better on smaller mslogosmartphone touch screens, and will be available sometime later this year. The existing Office Mobile app for Android phone will remain available in the app store until the new ones are ready. You can try the new apps right now by agreeing to be a tester via Microsoft's Office for Android community and downloading the preview versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Apple Announces OS X El Capitan Will Launch in Fall. Apple recently announced OS X 10.11 El Capitan, the latest version of its Mac operating system. El Capitan features new versions of multiple stock apps, including Safari, Mail and Notes, improved Spotlight search with natural language enhancements and contextually aware results, Metal for Mac and other features and refinements. Safari will offer a new pinned feature that enables users to keep websites listed at the top of Safari, similar to a bookmarks bar. The browser also gains a universal mute feature that allows users to mute a website that is playing music, even with several tabs open. The new Mail app will feature enhancements to its full-screen urlmode, tabs in the compose window, the ability to hide in-progress messages and go back to the main Inbox. There are also new gestures built into Mail for archiving and deleting -- simply swipe on the trackpad. Metal for Mac will combine the computing power of OpenCL and graphics power of OpenGL into a new API that does both, as well as will offer better battery life and improved graphics performance for both games and professional apps. OS X 10.11 El Capitan is now available to registered developers. It will be available in public beta in July and will publicly launch in the fall as a free software update for supported Macs.

Twitter Now Shows You Ads Based on Apps You've Downloaded. Twitter is about to get a lot better at showing you ads for news apps. The new tool, which is available now to advertisers, is officially called "installed app category targeting." The goal is to allow marketers to target their ads specifically to users who have previously installed similar apps. Advertisers are always looking for new ways to reach potential users so Twitter's new insights into exactly who their target demographic is stands to offer a significant advantage to app makers. Ttwitterbirdwitter is also providing an analytics dashboard that provides insights into how users are responding to these targeted ads. Since November, Twitter has been keeping tabs on what apps its users have been downloading, when it first rolled out its "app graph" feature. Though accounts were automatically opted-in to the app-tracking feature, Twitter does allow users to opt out of the app graph through their settings. The app-tracking features are also used to inform "who to follow" suggestions and other tweets from accounts you don't follow that show up in your timeline.




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