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New analysis of GOP health-care bill says 13 million more would become uninsured, fewer than CBO estimate. 

A report issued by the Office of the Chief Actuary of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services states that by 2026 there would be 13 million more Americans without health insurance with the House's Obamacare replacement bill, the AHCA.  This number is 10 million fewer people lacking health insurance in the next decade than had been estimated by the Congressional Budget Office. However, the report also projects higher premiums for many customers of individual health plans.


While gross premiums are estimated to be roughly 13% lower in 2026 under the AHCA, average net premiums, or the monthly cost of the insurance after government subsidies to customers are factored in, are roughly 5 percent higher than under current law.  The average amount of money customers would be liable to personally pay out of pocket for health services or prescriptions they receive are also projected to be about 61 percent higher under the AHCA than if Obamacare remained in place.The House bill passed that chamber by a margin of just a single vote in May. Since then, a group of GOP senators have been meeting, without any Democratic colleagues in attendance, to discuss the framework of their own Obamacare replacement bill. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, on Tuesday declined to say when details of the bill would be released, or when he expected that a vote on it would be held.

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Google, Amazon, Apple CEOs Meet for Trump's First Tech Council. 

CEOs from Apple, Amazon, Google, and leaders from Oracle, Alphabet and MasterCard along with other top tech companies will meet with President Donald Trump on Monday for the White House's first American Technology Council meeting.  Planning a strategy to update federal computer systems as well as how to safeguard against cyber attacks will be the biggest topic of discussion. The five day summit will also review how to make government service websites more user-friendly and modernizing technology.  A report from the US Government Accountability Office said some agencies rely on programming language from the 1950’s along with obsolete parts.  Jared Kushner, who runs the newly created White House Office of American Innovation, along with former Microsoft executive Chris Liddell will lead the effort. 

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5 ways the Amazon–Whole Foods deal could change the way we shop. 

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods will give new opportunities for cross marketing for both companies. Amazon’s online grocery business will get a boost by offering in-store pickup and a-smile_sm.pngWhole Foods will benefit with a data and technology upgrade. 

Here’s how the Amazon-Whole Foods deal could change the way we shop: 

1. Growing online grocery ordering: A quarter of American households already buy some of their groceries online, according to the Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen. This merger could promote the online ordering trend, especially the growth of in-store pickup for busy professionals and families. 

2. Bigger emphasis on experience shopping: Efficient and convenient online shopping can save time for shoppers, but grocers still want customers to come to their stores to inspire purchases. Physical stores provide a rich shopping experience through appealing food displays, the smell of freshly made foods, samplings, and social interaction.  

3. Faster, more convenient in-store shopping. Amazon and Whole Foods could build out a faster, tech-based checkout process for those who prefer to walk the aisles rather than ordering online. Novel high-tech sensors throughout the store eliminate the checkout process and saving time. 

4. No more shopping secrets. Customers are used to being tracked and have willingly swapped privacy for loyalty discounts and personalized offers. Customers’ mobile phones would enable monitoring of in-store movements as well as store check-in and checkout.  

5. A shift in attention away from price. Pricing has been an important topic because of consumers’ growing price sensitivity and increased competition. The Amazon–Whole Foods deal could create higher perceived value for customers through more convenience, benefits of loyalty to both brands, and a better shopping experience, thus diverting attention from price.




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