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5 Oct 2017,
Posted by Emily Morgan

The $5 billion battle for Amazon's new HQ is getting even more heated

Amazon is planning a 50,000 person headquarters and bidding for the site is intensifying. While New York is doubling down on their bid on the estimated $5 billion dollar headquarters both Boston and VfFsy8u_1-150x150.pngLos Angeles are facing pushback from local residents who are concerned that overcrowding and an increase in the cost of living could affect them as it has Seattle.

While New York City is America’s largest city and has a clear advantage with more young people in the workforce, Amazon has said it would give priority to cities with 1 million plus people that think big and creatively, leading to criticism about their demands for bids and perks including presumably generous tax incentives. “Boston can afford to lose this bidding war” wrote Globe columnist Evan Horowitz in a piece titled "Dear Amazon, here's our offer: not one dime." Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik wrote, "The company's approach is arrogant, naive and more than a teensy bit cynical. Rather than be offered bribes to move its headquarters into a community, Amazon should be made to pay for the privilege." Hiltzik also pointed out that existing local businesses would face consequences if Amazon built it’s new headquarters in their city, with land values being pushed up, increased cost for housing and office space as well as pressure for higher wages.

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Google brings its resources for founders and startups to a single site

Google’s new site “Startup with Google” has launched. The site is not only designed to bring together Google tools (everything from Analytics, Google’s cloud based security tools, Android Studio and Firebase) for founders and their startups, but also highlights accelerators and events sponsored by Google but run by third parties.

The new site showcases Google’s network of Campus co-working google-logo-transparent-69328.jpg.pngspaces and its Launchpad accelerator programs. “Startup with Google” also features a section about best practices, including sections on hiring, how to best lead a team, raise funding, designing new products and other topics relevant to startup founders. Those sections, while less self-promotional than the Tools and Community section, mostly highlight Google’s own resources (often from its re:Work project), and there’s plenty of useful information here. Though they don’t say how many of them are still in existence, Google notes that the startups in its ecosystem have raised over $3.9 billion in funding and have created over 40,000 jobs since 2011.

Google didn’t say how much money they’ve returned for their investors, but that’s a pretty big ecosystem, even if it doesn’t quite compare to numbers of more close-knit startup networks like Y Combinator.

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Some apps won’t work on iOS 11 — here’s how to check which ones

Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 11, will be released shortly and will bring with it many new features for iPhone or iPad. Significantly, the new update also brings the final switch for Apple from 32-bit apps to 64-bit apps. This will mean that if an app you’ve been using hasn’t been updated for url.pngthe more modern software architecture, it won’t work at all on iOS 11. Luckily Apple has built a handy tool that can show you all the apps on your device that won’t work with the coming update. Simply navigate to Settings -> General -> About -> Applications on your iPhone, and you’ll see a list of the apps currently installed on your phone that haven’t been updated for iOS 11.

Apple has been encouraging developers to switch their apps over to 64-bit for years so the chances are good that most of your applications will still function properly but a quick check will reassure you. Apple has also added a prompt when launching apps notifying users that haven’t been updated and won’t work on iOS 11 so you may have already seen some warnings. Regardless, before you upgrade to iOS 11 it’s probably worth a quick check just to make sure that apps you know and love will still work.

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