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Learn | Twelve, April 2014

4 Apr 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

Electronic signature tool options

There’s no need for a printer, scanner, fax machine--or even a pen--to sign and send important documents anymore. New mobile apps let you create a clear signature with the simplicity of your finger. There’s more mobile options than ever before, but here are some of the best that the tech world has to offer. All of these options are free to download, but require monthly service fees.


SignNow works with iPhone, Android, and iPad, allowing users to upload a Word document or PDF from your phone’s e-mail, camera, or Dropbox account and tap to insert your signature. You can sign with your finger or upload a saved signature. Copies of signed documents can be sent by e-mail or saved in the cloud. The services starts at $15 per month for individual users. DocuSign Ink, for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices is similar to SignNow, but touts extra document encryption, authentication of signers’ identities, and an audit trail showing who signed, when, and where. The service (starting at $10 per month for individuals), simply called DocuSign, also lets you send documents to multiple parties and create e-mail reminders. Finally, Adobe’s platform, Echosign is the leader in Electronic Signatures with clients ranging from Google and Facebook to Symantec, and offers the most features right out of the gate in their cheapest service plan. You can instantly send, e-sign, track, and file documents securely online, so you can change the game and work more competitively with your customers and partners.


EchoSign provides protection for both the sender and the signer during the signing process including key authentication and privacy, fraud protection, and consumer disclosure. Like the other companies, the platform requires you sign into a paid Echosign account with pricing starting at 14.95 per month for individual use. With varying service plans, take a good look at each company’s features to make sure all of your needs are met.





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