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Learn | Twelve, August 2014

ICal_IconStaying organized with iCal

iCal User Tips from our Team
iCal is Apple’s web-based calendar software program. You can access iCal via iCloud from any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. iCal allows you to view your calendar as well as other calendars in your group. The latest version is 7.

iCal tracks events and appointments, allows multiple calendar views (such as calendars for "home", "work", and other calendars you create) to quickly identify conflicts and free time. It also allows you to share calendars with friends or family- great for keeping everyone on the same page!

Since it’s integrated with iCloud, calendars can be shared and synced with other devices, such as PCs, iPhones, and iPod touch, over the internet. You can also share calendars via the WebDAV protocol. Google now supports WebDAV for Google Calendar making iCal easily configurable.

A few other great features:
- Color coding to separate out calendars
- Clickable interface to view /unview multiple calendars (eg: work, home, birthdays and soccer schedules)
- Include Notes, Attachments and URL’s.
- Set custom alerts
- Create custom alarms to remind you of todos
- Email events to attendees
- Include travel time; block out time on the calendar to get you where you’re going.

For advanced users, try Automator on your Mac to create triggered workflows on iCal
Better yet, with iCal alarms you can trigger these workflows to happen when you’re away from your Macs.

What's your favorite iCal tip?


- Contributed by Emily and Richard, Delegate Team Member




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