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Learn | Twelve, February, 2015

followupthen_website_logo (1)Do you briefly review your email often and try to mentally take note of information that you need to calendar or want to follow? Do events pass that you wanted to remember, but forgot to write down? Do you send emails but forget to watch for a timely response?

FollowUpThen can help!

We’ve all done it, scanned our email on mobile devices and found information that we will need in the future, promising ourselves that we’ll go back and put it in its proper place.

Now you can quickly forward that information back to yourself as a reminder all with a simple email address: You’ll have a shorter to-do list, a cleaner inbox and you’ll stop missing information that you wished you’d kept closer at hand.

You can use FollowUpThen when you compose an email or when you receive one! Using [any time] in the "Cc", "Bcc" or "To" fields of your email will give you different results:

Because FollowUpThen is email-based, it works on any platform from anywhere and the basic plan is free.

Start using it today – your reminder is just an email away!





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