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Learn | Twelve, June 2015

Conference Call Service Cheat Sheet

indexConference Calls have been around for what seems like forever and they are still an efficient way to bring people together to discuss a specific topic. There are many conference call services available online for free and/or a monthly fee. These service providers give businesses, large and small, options and a multitude of features that can improve the effectiveness and quality of a conference call.

FreeConferencePro is, as the name reflects, is a completely free service where the overwhelming majority of features are without charge. The web-based service can be accessed from any computer or smart phone and will accommodate up to 200 participants on each call. Speek is another call management tool whose simple interface and user-friendly design is appealing to those without conference calling experience. Speek’s free subscription only allows up to five call participants, but does offer the interesting option of a dedicated URL for each business and allowing the link to be shared with call participants, eliminating the need for a PIN code. Those in possession of the URL can simply click on the link, enter their name and number, and the site will dial them at the time of the scheduled call.

Another online conference call provider with some interesting features is Uberconference. The visual interface of Uberconference allows you to identify everyone on a call and pinpoint exactly who is speaking at any given moment. Each caller is represented by their picture and a profile with links to their social media pages on sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. Uberconference is also integrated with services like Evernote and Box, allowing for document sharing and collaborating during a call.

If you're looking for quick and easy videoconferencing options, check out the following:

In light of the many technological advances that have surfaced in recent years, it’s easy to overlook conference calls. Based on the appealing services offered by many web-based providers, it’s easy to see why conference calls shouldn’t be underestimated or dismissed. Businesses of all sizes ultimately can benefit significantly from introducing conference calling into their communication routines.

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