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Learn | Twelve, September 2015

3 Tips for Learning New Software


I specialize in Executive Level support of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small companies. Some of my favorite tasks are booking travel, coordinating complex scheduling, and working with difficult people who are clients of my clients! In my work with Delegate, I use a lot of diYouTube-logo-full_colorfferent technology platforms - five different types of e-mail services, seven different CRMs, multiple versions of document processing, spreadsheets, and bookkeeping software - and that's just the beginning! Perhaps my best skill as an Associate is my ability to learn new software quickly and without support from my clients - after all, I'm supposed to be saving them time, not using it teaching me about software.

So rather than teach you about just one type of software, I wanted to give you some tips about learning new software, which I think is a very valuable important skill. When presented with new software most people utilize the help section but they don't leverage a lot of other support that's out there. Here are a few places to look in order to quickly learn a new software or skill:

1. Chat and e-mail support through the software companygoogle-logo-transparent-69328.jpg
2. Forums about the software that exist elsewhere on the internet (Google searching is your friend, here!)
3. YouTube videos (my personal favorite!)

You are not the only person who has stared blankly at that new tool and felt a bit of overwhelm creeping up - there are hundreds of other people who have learned that tool and have taken the time to share some of their experience online. The internet is a beautiful thing that allows you to easily connect with people who are already using the software you are just learning about.

Most importantly, whenever trying to learn something new, try not to be discouraged. Anything that's new is bound to be just that: NEW to you. In no time the "newness" will simmer down and you'll be able to navigate that tool just like the many others you use every single day.

Contributed by our Team Member, Julianne





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