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Love | September Twelve, 2015

Knock Knock is the easiest way to connect, chat and exchange contact information with people around you. By just knocking twice on your phone, Knock Knock remembers the names of the people you're with and where you met. For anyone who has ever forgotten a name 10 seconds aKnock_Knock_App_Iconfter meeting someone, the world is about to get much less awkward. Simply put, Knock Knock provides a way to connect without commitment. Knock Knock makes any social interaction light and fun. For more information on Knock Knock's features, visit

Loginbox's mission is to make your life easier and more manageable on the go, so you can enjoy more of life’s fleeting moments rather than worry about remembering your passwords. The app allows you to secure all your passwords and login to any website with a single tap. Loginbox is a safe and fast way to sign into any password-protected websites. Loginbox combines a password manager and a browser. From the moment you download it, you will never need to remember your passwords or frequently use website addresses ever again. You can use Loginbox to automatically log in to your bank account, PayPal, LinkedIn, Gmail and other Google services, imagesOutlook Web Access, and practically any other password protected websites that you use. Loginbox is different from other browsers or password keeper applications as it takes the extra step and saves you from manually going through the login form. It is smart enough to automatically take you to your destination page with a single tap. For more information, visit




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