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Love | Twelve, July 2015

iTranslate Voice is the app that allows you to talk into your phone in one language and immediately hear yourself in over 40 different languages. No typing is needed. The accuracy of their voice recognition means you don't need your keyboard anymore. iTranslate Voice allows users to look up definitions and translations for common words & phrases, just by using your voice, and with the AirTranslate feature you can conScreenshot at Jul 01 14-50-10nect devices together and easily engage in conversation with other people. For more information, visit is used by millions to realize their true potential. The app helps you achieve anything by syncing your personal tasks, work projects, and shared lists so you have a clear path moving forward. keeps your lists and tasks in perfect sync across all your devices (even when yoHeaderShape15u are offline), so you can manage your personal goals, your family tasks, and your team’s projects in one place. You can add attachments, subtasks & conversations to get things rolling or use the notification center to make sure you know when the important stuff happens. is available on iPhone, Android, as Chrome app, Chrome extension, and the Web. For more information, visit




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