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zGCC6jNZ_400x400Asana Timeline – Asana has introduced Timeline, a tool that helps you map out a project and hit deadlines. Timeline will provide a living view of how all the pieces of a project fit together. Teams will have a way to map out project plans, share plans and adjust as needed to keep work on track and meet goals. For projects with a lot of moving pieces and deadlines, viewing in Timeline can help everyone see timing or dependency conflicts and if the project is moving forward. Timeline makes it easy to make updates and changing deadlines is as easy as dragging and dropping tasks. With the rollout of this new feature to Asana Premium users, all projects now have a built in Timeline view to help you map out your plan.


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LIdTBZHj_400x400Astro – Astro is an app developed to bring email, calendar and Astrobot, your AI powered assistant together to help you get control of your inbox, spend less time in email and focus on the important things. Astrobot responds to voice and text commands and makes suggestions to help manage your inbox. You’ll also be able to get through emails faster with features like Priority Inbox, Snooze and Unsubscribe. Scheduling is easier too because you won’t have to switch between email and your calendar to keep up to date. Astro lets you add and update events on your Gmail or Office 365 calendar right from the app. Astro is available for Mac, iOS, Android, Slack and Amazon Alexa.





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