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Dralogo-dark.pngg is an app that organizes your inbox and transforms your Gmail into organized lists like Trello.  Designed to be super-simple, clean, and self-explanatory with features such as customized columns, notes, checklists and team boards. It's all easy to use and in a really clean way. Drag doesn't want to override the way you use Gmail but instead support the current way you use Gmail. The app enables you to visually map your workflow, drag and drop your emails between stages; To Do, Doing and Done until they’re complete. It makes the hours spent in your inbox a whole lot easier and more organized.

Special Report: Future of Work

Android 8ZvmtaSXW_400x400.jpg.0 Oreo is smarter, faster, more powerful and sweeter than ever.  The world’s favorite cookie is the new favorite Android release. Oreo has twice the boot speed when powering up, and includes lots of cosmetic updates and new and improved features such as limiting how apps run in the background to improve system performance, integrated printing support, API function for high-performance audio, auto fill, notification updates and Wi-Fi assistant. Oreo will begin rolling out to Pixel and Nexus phones first and Google says the majority of its Android partners will have the updates out before the end of 2017.



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