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Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life Balance


Maintaining A Healthy Work/Life Balance

Whether you are the CEO or President of a large company or organization, or a passionate Entrepreneur, it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

If you currently struggle with balancing all of your commitments, simply continue reading to discover an insightful guide to achieving a great work/life balance. The following guide is full of handy tips, which will help you enjoy phenomenal professional success, while maintaining a meaningful, fulfilling personal life.

Take care of yourself:
While it can be tempting to stay up late and to spend your evenings working in your home office, it's important to learn how to switch off from work. So that you'll be able to take care of your health and wellbeing. Keep in mind that if you're not fit, healthy and well rested, you won't be able to work as efficiently. In fact, in most cases, you can significantly increase your productivity levels, by taking regular, short breaks from your work. If you're lucky you may even come up with innovative ideas or solutions for your business, while you're working out at the gym or lying in bed with a good book.

If your own wellbeing is often at the bottom of your list of priorities, you may want to turn things around by spending 30 minutes each day engaging in an activity which promotes your health and wellbeing. As examples, you may want to spend 30 minutes today completing a Yoga workout and 30 minutes tomorrow enjoying a rejuvenating hot bath.

Just ensure to choose activities which you personally enjoy. Some examples are reading, going for a walk-in nature, swimming, meditating, reading and napping. If you enjoy being pampered, you may want to book a monthly massage at a local spa.

Set clear boundaries between your work life and your home life:
If you find it difficult to disconnect from work, you may need to set clear boundaries in order to ensure that you keep your work or business and your personal life separate. Get into the habit of turning your smart phone off when you sit down for dinner with your family or friends. You will find that your loved ones will begin to open up to you more, since they have your full, undivided attention.

Removing electronics such as your tablet, phone, or laptop from your bedroom, will also allow you to have a more relaxing, and stress-free personal space at home.

Take regular vacations:
One way to ensure that you don't burn out is to plan regular vacations. It’s well worth planning at least one family vacation per year. The memories you make will last a lifetime! Remember, that in 10 years’ time, you will remember learning to surf with your kids in Hawaii or the time you surprised your partner with a romantic weekend away to a vineyard--not all the work meetings you attended.

If you have children, they'll be far more understanding of your demanding work schedule, if they have fun, family trips to look forward to. Alternatively, if you're single—TREAT YOURSELF! Go ahead and take that cruise with a group of close friends or book a solo trip around Europe.

Be intentional with the way that you spend your time:
If you get into the habit of being fully present at work and at home, you'll be able to accomplish a lot more with your limited time. When you’re at work, don't give into the temptation to scroll through your social media feeds or to indulge in online shopping. Instead, remain focused on your current tasks, such as clearing work emails or working on an important business proposal. Keep in mind that the more productive that you are during your workday, the more likely you'll be able to finish work early.

When you return home each evening, it's also a wise idea to give your full attention to your family. As an example, don't browse news sites, when you're playing with your kids or enjoying a romantic dinner with your partner. Remember to focus on your work or business during office hours and your family, in your personal time.

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Ensure to take a 1-hour lunch break each day:
Unfortunately, it's becoming far too common for individuals to work through their lunch break. For your own mental sanity, it's important to take a 1-hour lunch break each day. During your lunch break you can get some fresh air by walking to your favorite cafe or complete a short workout. Or you can catch up with a friend, co-worker, or family member for a social lunch.

If you have an action-packed day full of meetings and appointments, simply conduct one of your meetings or appointments over a laid-back lunch. You can arrange to meet a long-term client at a favorite local spot and discuss their needs and business over lunch.

Ask for help & offer it freely to others:
Don't be afraid to accept help from others. If you have to attend a business conference and your parents or best friend offer to babysit your children, don't be afraid to accept their offer of help. Life is a lot easier to manage if you are willing to accept help and give help where it is needed in return.

Just be sure not to take the generosity of your friends and family members for granted and thank them each time they help you out. If an individual goes above and beyond to help you, it's also a great idea to gift them a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flower to express your gratitude.

Pursue an exciting new hobby:
It's important to have passions which are 100% separate to your business or career. I’ve seen a lot of interesting hobbies from playing music, concert going, fishing, hunting, wood-working, surfing, and cooking to name a few. If you’re a jetsetter, you may want to learn a new language in your spare time so you can chat with the locals of your favorite overseas hotspot!

Manage your time carefully:
Businesses and careers require a lot of time, and it's essential to manage your time carefully. Preparing for your day the night before, or first thing in the morning, can be an incredible relief when you know your schedule is going to be packed. Work on time-blocking your day, so you can focus on the tasks that are most important to your business.

You may even want to write a numbered list each morning that has the top work-related tasks you need to complete for the day. On the days where you don't have enough time to complete the tasks which you've set for yourself. simply transfer any uncompleted tasks to the following day’s list.

Don't overcommit yourself:
Think carefully before you make a new commitment! Especially if you have a tendency to always say yes. Instead, really look at your schedule, and how you’ve handled prior commitments. How have you felt trying to fit them into your already busy life? It is okay to say “No” sometimes! And be honest about it--life is busy! Sometimes we just need to take a step back, breathe, and take the time for ourselves.

Invest your time in the people that you love:
While you may see the time that you spend working on your business as a wise investment, spending time with the people that you love is even more important! The more time you have to bond with your friends and family members, the closer and happier your home life will be. A bonus to this, is if you make sure to invest time in strengthening your personal bond and relationships, you'll never be short of support!

Create a list of goals which you'd like to complete which are unrelated to your business:
At the start of each year, sit down and write out a list of personal goals that you would like to achieve in the next year. This will give you something to focus on that is not business related. This could be something as simple as cooking dinner one night a week, to running a marathon, to having a family game night once a week.

Don't be afraid to delegate important tasks:
It is crucial to get used to delegating key tasks, to skilled, trusted individuals. Remember that your job is not to complete every job in every sector of your business. As a Leader or Entrepreneur, your job is to be a visionary, and to recognize the strengths in other individuals to help your business grow.
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These are just a few things you can implement in your routine to help take the pressure off of juggling the work/life balance of being a Leader or Entrepreneur. What a great accomplishment to achieve not only professional success, but also personal success!

If you are looking for an effective way to increase your productivity and leverage your time, delegation is a great place to start! At Delegate, we love helping busy leaders and their teams focus on what they do best and add valuable time back to their lives. Learn how we can help here.


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