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Manifesting Your Destiny

31 Jan 2014,
Posted by DelegateSolutions

origin-0MYx16L9FCa4S94i32A4-blog-4954 Hooray it’s 2014! January is such a great month. It’s like nature’s annual gift of a clean slate, a true re-start button and a free pass to start fresh and plan for the future. One thing I’ve learned over the years of running my company is that ultimately my company and team are only as strong as I am. Meaning my business’ growth is only limited by my capacity and vision to do great things with it. My own positive thoughts are the fundamental keys to attraction, manifestation and creativity. So I choose to expect great things, am laying the groundwork and taking the actions needed to manifest them!

At a conference recently, one of the keynote speakers (a wildly successful female entrep) shared her key for success, simply this: "If you doubt yourself you’re screwed." Positive thinking is about knowing you have the ability and power to create whatever you want, despite what your own mind or emotions try and make you believe. These are a few great ways I’ve found to inject positivity into my routine: 1- Embrace the power of the truth- don’t avoid the negative, deal with it and move on! 2- Visualize your success and the actions needed to get you there. 3- Practice affirmations and make time for joy. Wishing you a wildly successful and happy 2014!

- Emily




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