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Meet | Mike De Stefano

Mike De Stefano, an entrepreneur with a passion for providing cost effective accounting solutions to small business owners.Marc DeStefano His firm, DMS Management Solutions, offers small businesses a wide range of affordable business services, including Controller and Manager-level accounting, financial, payroll, QuickBooks setup and training, bookkeeping and tax preparation, that save time, money and deliver fact-based results. They provide valuable resources and information that allow you the freedom and peace of mind to pursue the activities that bring the most value to your firm. They sit comfortably between the business owners and the outside CPA firm. DMS services is able to support small business owners across the country.

Favorite Advice:
As a business owner, please do not beat yourself up for not being a finance/accounting wizard. You make one hell of a widget, the best widgets in town. I don’t know how to make a widget, but I can help you with your accounting issues and let you sleep better at night with less stress.

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