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NBC10 News- 11/11 @ 5:30

12-10-08-nbc10I'm excited to share that I have been invited back to the NBC 10 studios for a follow up interview on their "Work at Home Jobs that Work" series representing the VA industry.

The show is hosted by Tracy Davidson (one of my faves, and an Emmy Award Winning Journalist!) The interview will be a few minutes long, and I hope to cover alot of ground in that time. Talking points I plan to include are:

  • What is a Virtual Professional?
  • How Can I take my skills out of the office?
  • What to expect when you launch.
  • Setting reasonable expectations about this home-based business.
  • Tips for a great home office setup.
  • Fixes for loneliness (from working remotely).

I also plan to mention a couple of exciting new updates including:

Be sure to tune in, and check our vlog for updates as well!



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