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#QuickWins Video Shorts by our Team!


Our team members share a few tips to help you be productive while working remotely! Delegate Solutions's Quick Wins are short, informative guides to help you navigate your career. Gain insight from the premiere virtual assistant resource for entrepreneurs!


QUICK WINS: Tips for Setting up a Remote Office

In this #DSQuickWin, Our Associate, Sarah shares her top tips on setting up a home office!.


QUICK WINS: Virtual Field Trips

In this #DSQuickWin, our associate Tara gives us some advice on how to entertain and educate our kids while they are out of school. Thanks, Tara!


QUICK WINS: Tips for Processing ACH

Our associate Eileen provides tips for processing ACH refunds in this quick #DSQuickWin


How to Communicate to Clients During COVID 19 Crisis

Our Associate, Ilene, shares some simple but effective ways to communicate with clients during this unprecedented crisis.


Working from Home with Children | Remote Work Tips

Parenting is hard enough, but now that many of us are working remotely, it's become even more challenging. Our associate Alissa shares easy and useful advice for how to balance working from home with taking care of your children!


QUICK WINS: Work/Life Balance

In this  #QuickWins video, our awesome CFA Eileen shares easy yet effective tips to help you achieve a healthy work/life balance when working from home!


QUICK WINS: Time Blocking 

Learn all about the technique of time blocking in our latest #QuickWins video! Our brilliant CFA Liz is going to tell you all that you need to know to make the most of your time and stay on top of all your tasks!


QUICK WINS: Virtual Assistants

In this  #QuickWins video, our awesome CFA, Ilene explains all of the benefits a virtual assistant can bring to your business. Find out all the ways a virtual assistant can help you!


QUICK WINS: Tech Spreadsheet

Our Team Member Kaylee, is to make a tech spreadsheet. Learn how to keep track of all the services you’re paying for and cut out unnecessary expenses. This tip is incredibly useful for both your job and for your personal finances!


QUICK WINS: Working from Home with Family

While getting to see your family during the work day is exciting, it can be difficult to balance family time with work time. Check our latest #QuickWins from our team member Kathy to learn how to set boundaries while working from home!


QUICK WINS: Cutting Down Background Noise on Zoom

As #RemoteWork continues and many of us continue to work from home, many of us find ourselves struggling with background noise in our #virtual meetings. Watch this segment of #QuickWins to receive a speedy solution from Krisp for this issue!



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