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Project Management Innovation - Instagantt


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At Delegate Solutions we work with entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds and pride ourselves on being thoughtful and innovative problem solvers that can find a solution to most obstacles and can customize our strategy to suit our clients.

I was recently working with a client that has used Asana for many years but abandons the project management tool at times of high stress. As we worked to identify what obstacles kept him from implementing projects in Asana to completion, we identified that he is a visual learner and needed a tool that would provide a visual map of the workflow. I looked for a free online project management tool that could incorporate a Gantt chart view and ultimately decided to use Instagantt. Instagantt is a tool that syncs with Asana (or as a standalone) to provide a Gantt chart view for project and workload management. There are numerous benefits and it requires little effort to set up projects.

Instagantt offers free and paid versions, and I find the free version meets the needs of our client. Setting up Instagantt and transferring projects from Asana couldn’t be easier. If you are an Asana user you can sign into your account via Instagantt and Asana Connect.
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Once you are signed in, it is simple to add projects directly from Asana, create groups of projects, view a single user or group workload, and create new projects that will automatically sync with Asana. When you are viewing a project, you can toggle between Gantt chart view and Workload view. Instagantt tracks the progression of tasks and data by percentage and baselines. Tasks and subtasks are easily viewed in a tree structure that can expand and collapse. Team members and projects can be color coded, and it is easy to drag a project from one area to another, making subtasks dependent to the main task. Workflow and tasks can be completed in Asana and Instagantt will automatically update to reflect any changes.

One of the best features is that our client can easily view and manage the project timelines and workload across his team to detect and predict bottlenecks and times that he will be overloaded - before he reaches his limit. Our client has been thrilled with the impact Instagantt has had on his time management and accountability.

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