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Recharge and Reset Top 3 Sustainable Changes for a Healthy 2021

DS Expert Chat:

Recharge and Reset Top 3 Sustainable
Changes for a Healthy 2021

We chatted live with Holistic Health Coach and Advanced Practice Nurse, Cris Amato! Cris shared her expertise and her top 3 sustainable changes to ensure you have a healthy 2021!

Cris AmatoCris Amato is a board certified nurse practitioner, and a native of New Jersey. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2006 with a Bachelor's in Nursing, and in 2016 earned a Master's in nursing.

She specializes in acute and chronic illness but gained a wealth of holistic knowledge of medicine in the field while serving in the Emergency Department of an inner city trauma center. Cris believes that solid nutrition is the foundation to true health and healing. As the owner of Grace Concierge, she integrates Western and Eastern medical philosophies to optimize the health of her clients.


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