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At Delegate, day after day we help clients solve problems.  From something as elaborate as transitioning to a new email provider or something as simple as figuring out how to check mail when you're never home, we are here to troubleshoot complexities and take action to help.  

We've begun compiling these scenarios into what we call our "Solution Studies." These are short, tactical solutions that our team has deployed to help our clients.  We are always adding to this database, but below are some of our faves that might be helpful to you!   Enjoy!


Posted by Emily Morgan on Jun 20, 2018 5:19:21 PM
Emily Morgan

The Problem

Our client, a busy entrepreneurial distributor, needed color-coded distribution maps showing shipping time-frames based on distribution center locations. In addition, the client wanted to see where distributor locations would need to be to ensure 2-3 day shipping to every state. Lastly, he needed maps created showing sales territories.

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The Solution

Our team found an online tool called MapChart.net. This free tool allows users to create completely customizable maps with colors and descriptions, and includes not only US maps, but world maps as well. This, in conjunction with FedEx Freight shipping maps, gave us a very clear, visually pleasing picture of which locations would be best for additional distribution centers.

The Result

Using Mapchart.net and FedEx maps, the client was able to easily identify sales territories and determine best locations for future distribution centers.

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How We Helped

Once we identified the tools we were going to use, our team dove into MapChart.net to create color-coded maps for sales territories and distribution maps. We utilized FedEx freight shipping maps (here) to create maps showing shipping time frame to determine best locations for additional distribution centers, and our client was able to make future business decisions based on our work within MapChart.


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