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The Newness of Spring

(Photo credit: "Green Wheat Field" by Simon Howden) (Photo credit: "Green Wheat Field" by Simon Howden)

Here on the East Coast, Winter just didn’t want to let go! Despite the official change of seasons, the snow hung around to the bitter end in a confusing state of seasonal schizophrenia. At last, April has finally arrived and with Spring comes the sense of change and new things. At Delegate, we’re experiencing much of the same. Just this week alone, we will be moving our offices and incorporating the company! A lot of details to manage and all good growth changes to make, but the newness is daunting and overwhelming nonetheless.

As entrepreneurs, the capacity to change and adapt is part of our DNA; it’s an attribute that makes us continually successful. But that doesn’t always mean that change is not anxiety-ridden or that failure isn’t a possible outcome. A lesson we learn from the great entrepreneurs that preceded us is that there is always opportunity in times of change; that innovation is born from trying new things.
As Philly’s own entrepreneur Ben Franklin put it, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” Entrepreneurs are agile and we know it. Don’t just wait for change to happen; anticipate it, plan for it, relish it. Remember that transition is always filled with moments of progress. Every time you have a new success, savor it in a big way. Note it down and keep track of your wins. Soon you’ll find yourself looking forward to the next change bolstered by your positive track record of success!-- Emily




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