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The Weather Woman



Happy Friday and welcome to the final quarter of what has proved to be a challenging year on so many levels.  The speed at which we've had to move this year as leaders is enough to cause whiplash for both us and our teams. I have watched my own team rise to the occasion - which is so inspiring for me to watch as a leader.

I was sharing with a friend earlier, that at times it feels like I am standing inside the center of a tornado.  Rather than being whipped around in it, the business is whipping around me with an elegant force and tornadic speed; and I'm standing in the center eye of it watching it spin.  As a long-time student of Strategic Coach and an obsessive delegator, it has always been my goal to create a business that can run without me, and we have been systematically laying the groundwork for that for many years.

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It can be a really confusing time for Visionary Founders when this starts to happen.  Another friend of mine called this a 'Visionary Identity Crisis"; where the Visionary hits the point where they have shed so many of the operational pieces of the business, they are left to only spend their time focused on the growth and direction of the business.  Not an easy transition, especially when you've spent years tied so closely to the day to day ops.  It's easy to begin to question your place with the future of the company without a million pressing issues to solve yourself because your team is solving them.

As I talked through my tornado analogy with my friend, she brought me full circle by saying, "Yes, and you want to be the weather woman on the outside watching the tornado, telling people when and where to go to take shelter, and looking on the weather charts to see what's happening in the atmosphere that might impact the direction of things."  Such a great visual that I will take with me as I move into the next part of my journey with my business with gratitude.

                                                                                                 Have a great month!


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