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To Event or Not to Event - A Classic Question in Our Tumultuous Times

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To Event or Not to Event - A Classic Question in Our Tumultuous Times

We chatted LIVE with Elyse Stoner, Fresh Perspective Consulting Founder and Digital Event Strategist and Expert about how to make your virtual events a success! 


Elyse Stoner, DES, an award-winning marketing practitioner, author and speaker, combines her unique sports and large event marketing & production professional experiences, her natural ability to anticipate various outcomes and her enjoyment of looking at the world from a different viewpoint as the Founder & Chief Strategist of Fresh Perspective Consulting. If a business uses events as a marketing tool, Elyse can employ her unique ROM* (*Return on the Moment) paradigm to strategically increase their marketing muscle.

A native of Willow Grove, PA, Elyse has a degree in Sports Marketing & Public Relations from the University of Maryland (a major she designed herself and is a certified Digital Event Strategist through the PCMA/ Digital Experience Institute. She and her husband, Ed, are the parents of two teenage sons and currently reside in Wynnewood, PA. She served on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (Oregon Chapter) Board of Trustees and in numerous leadership roles in the Portland (OR) Public Schools’ Foundations and PTA organizations prior to her recent return to the Philadelphia area.


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