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Keeping your New Year’s Resolution: Strategies to Hold Yourself Accountable

LEARN | TWELVE, FebruARY 2019 

We all make New Year’s Resolutions, but how well do you follow-through on yours? Whether this year you are aiming to eat healthier, exercise more, or write a book, here are some ways to help you reach your goal.

First, identify a measurable goal, possible obstacles, strategies to overcome the obstacles, and what the best outcome would look like to you. One of our favorite tools for this purpose is Strategic Coach’s Strategy Circle®. This is a tool to help you map out creative strategies to help you achieve your goal.

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Give the Gift of Feedback


The impact of giving feedback, like a great gift can depend greatly on how it is packaged. Positive or  negative feedback can be equally well received, if the intention behind it is to improve a situation or a relationship. 

Think about the worst gift you ever received. Was it ill conceived or was the intention behind it misread? One year I was given a laser facial-hair remover from my other half. My immediate reaction was to feel offended…”he thinks I’m too hairy!” His intention, however, was that he wanted to save me time and money in going to the salon. All was forgiven, but the gift was still returned. That’s my ME time, after all.

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Project Management Innovation - Instagantt


At Delegate Solutions we work with entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds and pride ourselves on being thoughtful and innovative problem solvers that can find a solution to most obstacles and can customize our strategy to suit our clients.

I was recently working with a client that has used Asana for many years but abandons the project management tool at times of high stress. As we worked to identify what obstacles kept him from implementing projects in Asana to completion, we identified that he is a visual learner and needed a tool that would provide a visual map of the workflow. I looked for a free online project management tool that could incorporate a Gantt chart view and ultimately decided to use Instagantt. Instagantt is a tool that syncs with Asana (or as a standalone) to provide a Gantt chart view for project and workload management. There are numerous benefits and it requires little effort to set up projects.

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A Simple Tool to Reclaim Your Time and Leverage Your Assistant


If you’re always on the lookout for something to save you time around delegation, Strategic Coach® and Delegate Solutions may have the answer. In our work supporting entrepreneurs, we have found Strategic Coach’s “Impact Filter” tool to help both you and your team understand the results you are looking for and take the burden of those tasks away from you.

First, let's talk about why “The Impact Filter™” is valuable in delegation. This tool allows you to get the project out of your head and specify what you want the ideal result to be. With everything broken down and clear results in front of everyone, your team can take over having everything they need to get started. Doing this simple prework allows you to save time explaining what you want because they already know.

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Why an EOS® Level 10 Weekly Meeting™ Is so Effective for Your Business


Weekly leadership meetings are important to the health of any organization, but are often times counterproductive and frustrating, with agenda items that don’t matter to everyone on the team, and potentially lingering action items/issues that no one claims/handles, etc. What if we told you there is a better way to manage your weekly leadership meetings?

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Learn | Twelve, October 2015

Best Practices for Working with Remote Support Teams


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Love | September Twelve, 2015

Knock Knock is the easiest way to connect, chat and exchange contact information with people around you. By just knocking twice on your phone, Knock Knock remembers the names of the people you're with and where you met. For anyone who has ever forgotten a name 10 seconds after meeting someone, the world is about to get much less awkward. Simply put, Knock Knock provides a way to connect without commitment. Knock Knock makes any social interaction light and fun. For more information on Knock Knock's features, visit knockknock.co.

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Learn | Twelve, September 2015

3 Tips for Learning New Software


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Love | Twelve, August 2015

Remember The Milk mobile app allows users to take their tasks anywhere with this feature-packed application. Features include offline mode, ability to sort by priority, due date, or task name, detecting current location to view nearby tasks, and numerous options for reminders, and much more! Use a plethora of devices to integrate Remember The Milk with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, and OS X Dashboard. For more information, visit https://www.rememberthemilk.com.

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Learn | Twelve, August 2015

Don't Skip the Agenda!
Contributed by our Team Member, Jen
It’s easy to get off-track during meetings. If you are the host and want it to be effective, you will need to do some planning. Providing an agenda allows attendees to come to the meeting prepared with suggestions, answers, and research. Here are some suggestions for your agenda:

1. Include the meeting date, start and end time, conference line/webinar link, and expected attendees.

2. Provide the agenda at least 24 hours in advance. You can always add to the agenda, but it’s important to let the attendees know the key points prior to the meeting. Set a reminder email or text message to go out to attendees 30 minutes prior to the meeting. It is important to start and end your meeting on time. If there are latecomers to the meeting, address them one-on-one afterwards.

3. Prioritize the topics discussed with most important topics first, and note the key person presenting on each topic.

4. Timing: Be realistic on what you can cover in the time you set for the meeting. Set a specific amount of time for each topic. If you’re meeting goes over an hour, consider scheduling a short break.

5. Designate a time-keeper: You may already have an employee that checks the clock; let this person be the time-keeper! He/she can be the one to say, “It’s time to move on to the next topic,” so you can keep your mind on the discussion, not your watch.

6. Remind your team to stick to the agenda. Make sure your employees know you are listening to their suggestions. These topics can be tabled for the next meeting, or perhaps their ideas are better for a one-on-one discussion. Either way, stick to your agenda.

7. A quick (approximately 15 minute) weekly team meeting is a great way for you to keep track of your team’s projects. Start your meeting on a positive note with a list of accomplishments since your last meeting. Then check-in of each attendee and review last week‘s progress. If there were any items that were supposed to be done from last week’s meeting, be sure to have this list to ensure these items were done. Follow with a review of this week’s projects and questions. Finally, look ahead at what’s coming up. Figure out next steps and prioritize.

8. Closing: End the meeting with a review of to-do’s. Make sure everyone is clear on the decisions made and who is responsible for following up on agenda items.

Thanks Jen! We hope you'll give some or all of these tips a try and tell us what you think on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (we follow back).

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