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Inbox cleanup 101


When it comes to decluttering your work life, I always like to start with my email inbox. There is nothing more overwhelming than a cluttered inbox where the important is mixed in with all of those junk emails you never read. 

Lets face it, half of what comes into your inbox you probably delete without even opening! OR you leave it in there for fear of deleting something important and actually end up missing the true important stuff.

I like to keep an inbox of a rotating 5. Thats right FIVE emails! Here are my tips and tricks on how to clean up that inbox, make sure nothing gets lost, and relieve that inbox stress immediately.

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How to Make the Hard Things Easier


Welcome to August and another great week of summer! I'm back from a life-changing trip to Paris to celebrate my 40th, and my son has been spending the week at Boy Scout Camp, so it's been a great block of time for me to refresh and refocus my energies on what matters most to me. It's been so needed!

As a leader, every day it seems I am faced with hard things - hard choices, hard conversations, hard situations.. it's exhausting on so many levels. But I've learned some tricks along the way that have helped me stay energized, focused and balanced in dealing with the hard things. I hope that they are helpful to you, and would love to hear your strategies to stay prepared for the hard parts in your life and business.

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Our TOP 3 tips to clear your bottlenecks around delegation!

1 - Start small, build confidence.  Focus on compartmentalizing larger tasks and projects into small parts to build your own confidence around delegation. Do you want to hand off your calendar scheduling?


Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture of doing so; instead segment it out.  Ask yourself which part of my schedule could be most easily delegated or automated? Perhaps a first small step is to deploy a scheduling tool for your internal team meetings only.  Just this shift alone will help you add framework to your day by creating specific blocks of time you are available to meet, and it takes the back and forth out of when to meet.   Grab the small wins! It still equates to time saved, and you’ll build confidence in this phase.

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10 Ways We Leverage Our Strategic Assistant, Georgia!

Meet Georgia, our own Strategic Assistant! 

Location: NY, NY (ET)

Kolbe: 8814

Hours per month: 70(ish!)

Fun Fact:  I have a big, greek, crazy family that loves to eat, party and drink; and the more the merrier!

Her strategy: "The most important strategy to help me stay on point with all of my varying tasks and priorities is to block time slots on my calendar by category and make sure I stick to them!"


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Watch Me Delegate My Email: Week 2 and 3

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’ve been following along with my email delegation goal this month, I’m happy to report that 3 weeks in- Georgia and I have established a rhythm! I'm feeling much more in control of my email and my open tasks, my management team has shifted nicely into Asana and we are keeping on top of stuff!

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Watch me Delegate My Email: Week 1

If you’ve been following along with my email delegation goal this month, I’m happy to report that Georgia and I made it through our first week! We have developed a few simple strategies that are helping manage the flow of email that is coming in.If you remember, our goal is to get my inbox to serve only for external communication. We want all tasks and internal communication happening inside of our structured task management tool- Asana. I hope you can take what we are perfecting on our end, and implement it into your business to help remove the email noose from your neck!

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