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7 May 2018,
Posted by Emily Morgan

On Turning 40!

Welcome to May, my birthday month!  This year it's a big one, I'm turning 40!!!  I'm very excited about my 40s, because with age comes wisdom and lots of experiences to inform future decisions... Or at least that's what my grownup self says!  :)  So as I reflect back and look forward, below are a few of the most important lessons I've learned over the years.

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Apple reportedly launching subscription news service - A premium Apple News app

Bloomberg reports that Apple has acquired Texture, known as the “Netflix of magazines” and is now planning to develop its own subscription news service. Texture, which currently offers 200+ magazines for $9.99 per month, will be rolled into Apple’s News team with a new app with subscription option is expected to launch within the next year. Apple has attempted a subscription news service in the past with its Newsstand app. The original app offered digital versions of newspapers and magazines but was discontinued when Apple moved to the Apple News platform instead. There was also a previous partnership with News Corporation to create an iPad only news publication called The Daily. The Daily was discontinued after less than two years with the explanation of a lack of audience to create a sustainable business model.


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The Myth of Inadequacy

Welcome to our newly beautified format! Special thanks to my assistant Georgia, for helping us give our 12 series a facelift that looks great on desktop or phone! Hooray for improvements that I don't have to manage! :)

I don't know about you, but alot of my time is spent talking with other entrepreneurs about business, life and the fine line that barely exists between the two. Whether it's clients, colleagues, friends, or those interested in our service, I spend the majority of my time each week listening to entreps explain their problems. There's one key theme that I notice time and time again, and that is consistent feelings of inadequacy.

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Rumors point to cheaper iPads and MacBooks this year

Rumor has it that Apple may lower prices on iPads and MacBooks this year. The MacBook Air is also rumored to be receiving a less-expensive refresh. The latest report comes from DigiTimes, which has reported that Apple will launch a new 13.3-inch “entry-level” MacBook late in Q2 this year, though its screen size suggests it may be an updated version of the Air, since the MacBook only comes with a 12-inch display. The timeline also matches with WWDC in June.

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Delight the Customer

Happy Friday!  I'm finally back in the office after back to back travel and a nasty virus in between!  I had the amazing opportunity a few weeks back to attend the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Alumni Summit down in DC.  It was jam-packed with entrepreneurial superstars like Richard Branson, Tyler Perry and Warren Buffet alongside legislators like Bloomberg, Rubio and Scott. 

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Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase to partner on US employee health care

A partnership has been announced between Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase to cut health-care costs and improve services for their U.S. employees. Together these giant companies employ more than 1.1 million workers and will team up to target technology solutions to simplify the health-care system and remove profit-making incentives. Following the announcement shares of Berkshire and J.P. Morgan fell slightly, while Amazon edged higher. Principals of Amazon, Berkshire and J.P. Morgan noted that the way it will work remains to be seen but they're hoping that their sheer size will help bring the necessary scale and resources to tackle the issue.

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Learn | Twelve, October 2015

Best Practices for Working with Remote Support Teams


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Learn | Twelve, September 2015

3 Tips for Learning New Software


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MEET: Scott Seltzer

Get to Know Cloud-Based Phone Provider Scott Seltzer!

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Learn | Twelve, August 2015

Don't Skip the Agenda!
Contributed by our Team Member, Jen
It’s easy to get off-track during meetings. If you are the host and want it to be effective, you will need to do some planning. Providing an agenda allows attendees to come to the meeting prepared with suggestions, answers, and research. Here are some suggestions for your agenda:

1. Include the meeting date, start and end time, conference line/webinar link, and expected attendees.

2. Provide the agenda at least 24 hours in advance. You can always add to the agenda, but it’s important to let the attendees know the key points prior to the meeting. Set a reminder email or text message to go out to attendees 30 minutes prior to the meeting. It is important to start and end your meeting on time. If there are latecomers to the meeting, address them one-on-one afterwards.

3. Prioritize the topics discussed with most important topics first, and note the key person presenting on each topic.

4. Timing: Be realistic on what you can cover in the time you set for the meeting. Set a specific amount of time for each topic. If you’re meeting goes over an hour, consider scheduling a short break.

5. Designate a time-keeper: You may already have an employee that checks the clock; let this person be the time-keeper! He/she can be the one to say, “It’s time to move on to the next topic,” so you can keep your mind on the discussion, not your watch.

6. Remind your team to stick to the agenda. Make sure your employees know you are listening to their suggestions. These topics can be tabled for the next meeting, or perhaps their ideas are better for a one-on-one discussion. Either way, stick to your agenda.

7. A quick (approximately 15 minute) weekly team meeting is a great way for you to keep track of your team’s projects. Start your meeting on a positive note with a list of accomplishments since your last meeting. Then check-in of each attendee and review last week‘s progress. If there were any items that were supposed to be done from last week’s meeting, be sure to have this list to ensure these items were done. Follow with a review of this week’s projects and questions. Finally, look ahead at what’s coming up. Figure out next steps and prioritize.

8. Closing: End the meeting with a review of to-do’s. Make sure everyone is clear on the decisions made and who is responsible for following up on agenda items.

Thanks Jen! We hope you'll give some or all of these tips a try and tell us what you think on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (we follow back).

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