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MEET: Scott Seltzer

Get to Know Cloud-Based Phone Provider Scott Seltzer!

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MEET: Finny Varghese

Get to Know Talent Share Designer Finny Varghese!

Meet Finny Varghese, Founder of Nexus Staffing, Inc., providers of recruiting and alternative employee solutions.

Business growing quickly? Nexus is offering a game changer for entrepreneurs of emerging small businesses! They offer savings in two forms, Time and Money. They are a Talent Share solution that helps your company hire full time employees without the hassles of HR management, payroll, benefits, compliance, etc. You save time by letting them do all the HR work and save money by reducing your recruiting costs. Nexus recruits and hires your FT employees as their own. They work for your business receiving all the benefits Nexus Catalyx offers and everyone is happy.

Click here to learn more or you can contact them at 888-997-2772.

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MEET: Adrienne Hoffman

Get to Know Marketing Strategist Adrienne Hoffman!

Meet Adrienne! Adrienne and her team help busy business owners concentrate on operating their business while enabling the world to see, reach and talk about their company. The result; you stand out in the crowd, build strong relationships and increase revenue.

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MEET: Mike Michalowicz

To know him is to love him! Meet Mike Michalowicz, acclaimed author of the revolutionary new book, "Profit First." In this video interview, Mike shares his backstory of how he fought his way to built two successful companies; all culminating to eventual authorship of new cult classics: Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

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